The Most Iconic Viking Symbols And Their Meanings

The Most Iconic Viking Symbols And Their Meanings

In a cognitive system, a symbol is an image that refers to a certain meaning. Each symbol may express its own meaning, but more than that it is a symbol of what it signifies. The Vikings used many ancient symbols based on Norse mythology with some of the classic symbols that are still popular today. Many Viking fans have purchased the Viking Accessories from Polyalien, but do you know what they mean?

Thor’s Hammer - Mjölnir

Thor, son of Odin, is probably the most popular character in Norse mythology and one of the most revered gods among the ancient Norse warriors. The weapon he used, the Mjölnir, was one of the most feared weapons in Norse mythology. Mjolnir pendants, or hammer-like amulets, were popular among Viking warriors in the 9th and 11th centuries, who believed Thor would protect them in battle or give them divine powers.

This vintage Mjölnir Necklace is inspired by the Sol Axe. Today the Sol hammer looks like a modern hammer, but at the time it was a symbol of the strongest weapon. It comes with a stainless steel chain and a nice gift bag!

The Mysterious Nordic Symbols - Valknut

Valknut is composed of two words Valk+Knut, Valk is the same as the familiar Valkyrie, which is equivalent to "warrior", Knut refers to "knot", which literally means "warrior's knot." In fact, the word is a modern Norwegian word and no term has been found to record the meaning of the symbol.

Archaeologists have a lot of speculation about it with the following theories.

  1. Symbolizes the cycle of death, pregnancy, and rebirth. This symbol often appears with Odin.
  2. Represents the world itself, the nine vertices of the three triangles suggest the nine worlds of Norse mythology.
  3. Means Hrungnir's Heart.


Masculine, yet mysterious. This handmade Valknut Triangle Rune Necklace is a unique piece of jewelry that you can use on a daily basis as well as with your Viking-inspired clothing. If you want to give a lasting gift to someone you love, this would be a great choice.

The Most Powerful Wolf - Fenrir

Fenrir is one of the most feared monsters as well as the important elements of Norse mythology. The son of Loki and the giantess Angrboða, Fenrir is not considered strictly evil in Norse mythology, although he plays the role of Odin's killer. He is a symbol of strength, ferocity, fate, and inevitability.

This unique Viking Fenrir Bracelet was handcrafted by our master artist. Bound by ropes, Fenrir was a brave wolf who waited patiently until Ragnarok, where he defeated the all-powerful god Odin. This bracelet, therefore, brings patience, resilience, and strength to all who wear it.

Symbol Of Viking Berserkers - Bears

For the Vikings, the bear was an important symbol and it is said that the gods would appear disguised as bears when Odin and Thor visited the human world. The Norse bear symbol is believed to have inspired the Berserker, who is believed to have not only acquired the spirit of the bear but also inherited its bravery, which is why such Vikings were known as the bravest of warriors.

This handmade Viking Bear Paw Vintage Necklace is a great piece for any gender. Crafted from stainless steel, it is extremely durable and will keep its shape for as long as you wear it. It can bring confidence and courage to all who wear it.

Viking Symbol of Greatness - Dragon

In Norse mythology, dragons are not symbols of evil. They are the forces of the universe. One of the creatures is Níðhöggr, who lives at the root of the world tree and waits for the beginning of Ragnarok. This symbol represents greatness in many forms. Great power, great danger, great destruction, and great wealth are some of the things represented by the viking dragon symbol.

This motif was not only the inspiration for the Viking dragon bracelet, but also for the Viking tattoo. In general, the Viking dragon symbolizes the infinite cycle of destruction and creation, the incessant cycle of love, and the unpredictable power of the wild.

To conclude

The ancient Vikings believed that specific symbols would bring them strength and courage to overcome any obstacles in their path. This is confirmed by the fact that the Viking totem items are still hugely popular today. Try wearing jewelry with Nordic symbols from today and expect the Vikings to surprise us with their mysterious ways.

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